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This classic Upper East Side Townhouse would be any plant-lover’s dream.


The penthouse level is bathed in sunlight, perfect for the cultivation of gorgeous house plants all year round. While the rest of the city freezes, citrus trees and lush succulents thrive in their urban sanctuary. As the frost melts in the spring, the rooftop gardens show signs of life. Buds on the southern hornbeam hedge begin to leaf out like a delicate green curtain, obscuring the street below. Classic blue crocuses and grape hyacinths bring some of the first color of the season, contrasting and complementing the delicate yellow starbursts of witch hazel flowers. The weather warms and the rooftop suddenly explodes with vibrant hues--delicate pink climbing roses, deep blue salvias, and soothing, fragrant lavender. Amongst the flowers and foliage, hidden treats await: Figs, apples, and oranges fatten and blush as they ripen under the sun’s heat. Formal boxwoods anchor the garden within the architectural space, creating a structure that makes this garden feel both modern and timeless.


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