Hilary Finn Gardens' mission is to create and maintain lush gardens and planted spaces in the urban environment. We understand the joy an imaginatively planted window box, container, entry planting or a well cared for garden can give. Our goal is to make these welcoming extensions of your home and space.  

For the last twenty years, HFG hs been working and collaborating with clients throughout  Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and the surrounding countryside, designing, building, and maintaining beautiful garden spaces of all shapes and sizes.


Over the years HFG has assembled a dedicated team of designers, gardeners, and project managers to ensure all elements HFG services are properly tended to.

HFG collaborates with architects and skilled craftspeople such as masons, carpenters, irrigation techs and plant health specialists these relationships have enabled HFG to deliver a very high-quality broad scope of work.

More than ever,  Hilary Finn Gardens understands the importance of home;

being able to see the beauty of nature unfold up close and find reprieve in our surroundings. 





68 3rd Street, Brooklyn, New York 11231

© 2018 by Hilary Finn Gardens

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